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Behind the scenes - getting ready for Divorce Sale
Wednesday, 24 October 2007 23:00
"Mic check, one two, one two."  Scripts are down, hair and make-up are complete as the Regency Theatre house lights dim to black.  The national anthem plays and the red curtains open as stage manager, Daniel Dennison, makes the call, "Lights up!"

This was the atmosphere and happenings during the final dress rehearsal before opening night on Thursday, October 25th for the Freeport Players' Guild cast of " Divorce Sale", a comedy written by Linda Stockham and directed by Tiffany Dennison. The show features a group of friends rallying together to help a wife who's kicked her cheating husband to the curb with literally "only the clothes on his back" by selling all his belongings at an unconventional yard sale.

As the day progresses more and more crazy antics occur including a weird séance held in order to contact Harry, the dead husband of Chloe's nutty mother-in-law, played by the veteran actress Kay Hardy, who thinks Harry has come back to life as a house plant! See what happens and what unfolds as this great comedy opens for it's Rotary Gala Night on October 25th and running through to Saturday at $15 and $40 for the gala night.  Attendees to the gala night will also have the opportunity to win a 3 day/2 night stay at Old Bahama Bay, graciously donated by Ginn Sur Mer.  Click here to see the show poster.

"Divorce Sale" promises to delight attendees with a few new faces like Andre Cartwright, Andrew Nelson and Natalie & Annette Edwards and a name known only as director performing on the Regency Stage for the first time, Jackie Dack. And it would not be complete without our regular talents like Aulenna Robinson and Ruthann Ho accompanied by a veterans Angela Hackman, Bill Nelson and the always hilarious Kay Hardy.

Producer, Olivia Dorsett, says the show takes a comical look into the real marital issues facing a dynamic group of people that will surely make your sides split and leave you wanting more with an unbelievable cliff-hanger. So grab your spouse, a friend or even an ex and laugh the night away at the " Divorce Sale" this October 25th - 27th at the Regency Theatre.

Photo top left: Lena (Aulenna Robinson) confronts her friend's cheating husband Willard (Andrew Nelson) after he shows up to the yard sale to claim his property.

Top right: Wilma (Kay Hardy) franticly explains that her dead husband, who is now a plant may die again to daughter-in-law Chloe (Natalie Edwards)

Middle left: An unlikely couple, leads Kay & Ozzie (played by Jackie Dack and Andre Cartwright) discuss the current rocky state of their friends' marriage.

Middle right: Chloe (Natalie Edwards) explains how her nutty mother-in-law thinks her dead husband has come back to life as a plant to friends Kay & Ozzie (Jackie Dack and Andre Cartwright)

Bottom left: A desperate act!! She locked the refrigerator? Best friends Troy (Bill Nelson) and Ozzie (Andre Cartwright) discuss the crazy antics of married life.

Bottom right: A scene from the séance to find Harry, Wilma's dead husband, who she thinks has come back as a house plant with the help of Hungarian palmist, Madam Szendrei (Angela Hackman - centre)