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DNA party on Majority Rule: Jan. 10th--45 years of observance
Tuesday, 10 January 2012 09:44

In marking 45 years since Majority Rule, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) acknowledges what Sir Lynden Pindling and many like him realized on this historic date—that change is necessary for the preservation of our people and for the progression of this nation.

This anniversary comes on the heel of Sir Clifford Darling’s home going; he was among a fearless slate of young men, who played a pivotal role in garnering the “majority” support. Among other great feats, these two men represent what Bahamians often overlook—they represent the common man that believe in their abilities and, moreover, believe in a better Bahamas.

Therefore, the DNA joins the rest of the nation from where ever their political allegiance lie, who believe in this country’s potential and the part they must play, in recognizing our fore fathers, their sacrifice and the rights that we enjoy today.

Bamboo Town Member of Parliament and DNA leader, Branville McCartney recognizes that Sir Lynden and Sir Clifford are symbolic of the fact that average Bahamians—from the college grad to a taxi driver—can inject significant change to these Family of Islands.

“Today, we stand on the wings of these great victors and their ability to soar with excellence, bearing the heat in the burden of the day and when the odds were against them, they remained focused and resolute in their conviction that a change of the guard was necessary,” Mr. McCartney said.

Mr. McCartney is hopeful that Bahamians would reflect on The Bahamas that these men saw and sought to find in their efforts on the day we honor as Majority Rule, and resurrect the Sir Lynden’s, Sir Clifford’s and like-minded men in our own selves.

“That, in itself, would be the best way to honor them. Only then would their efforts not be in vain,” he said.

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