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DNA party statement: Christie in Ingraham’s Cabinet!
Thursday, 12 January 2012 13:11

Either the Opposition leader, Perry Christie has failed to reveal to his Deputy Leader that he was in a Cabinet meeting on the transfer agreement between Atlantis and Brookfield, or the Opposition’s Deputy Leader, Philip Davis is attempting to hide the fact that Christie is noticeably silent and continues to deceive the Bahamian people.

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) appreciates that Davis is the spokesperson for the Progressive Liberal Party, but since the DNA broke this story about two weeks ago that reliable sources placed his leader in the room with Mr. Ingraham and his Cabinet to discuss the Atlantis agreement and thereafter, made no mention that some of 8,000 jobs were in jeopardy, Mr. Christie has made no defense. In fact, the agreement between Brookfield and Kerzner has not been made public either.

DNA Chairman, Mark Humes, listed the Party’s main concerns as:

  • When will Mr. Christie confirm or deny whether he accepted an invitation to be in Ingraham’s Cabinet to discuss the Atlantis deal?
  • When will Mr. Ingraham confirm or deny that he, indeed, was misleading in the House of Assembly when he stated that jobs at the Atlantis resort were secure?
  • When will the terms of the agreement between Brookfield and Kerzner International be made public?

The DNA agrees that “the failure of the government to release the agreement demonstrates that they do not respect Bahamians” and renews its call for the government to come clean with the Bahamian people about the transfer agreement. At the same time, the Party also says that the failure of Mr. Christie to be open and honest with the Bahamian people and the people of this own Party, the PLP, amounts to disrespect, as well.

Quite frankly, the Bahamian public deserves to hear answers from only two people on this issue: the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader, Ingraham and Christie, respectively.

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