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FNM statement: Opposition’s pattern of abandonment and neglect of Grand Bahama
Tuesday, 17 January 2012 11:41

Opposition’s Pattern of Abandonment & Neglect of Grand Bahama

With a shameful record of neglect and abandonment of the people and needs of Grand Bahama, the Opposition is running from its record of massive incompetence led by the weakest Prime Minister ever in Bahamian history.

Following the blow of three hurricanes, Jeanne, Frances and Wilma to Grand Bahama, the ever indecisive and ineffective Perry Christie made this solemn vow to Grand Bahamians:

“The macroeconomic strategy, which will be formulated in close consultation with the Port Authority, will form the basis for a form of Marshall Plan for Grand Bahama to restore the economy and society of the Island to the pre-Hurricane position.”

Like most of Mr. Christie’s phantom plans, his Marshall Plan for Grand Bahama never happened. His failure to deliver on his promise is partially responsible for the state of the island’s economy. The Leader of the Opposition abandoned Grand Bahama in its hour of need just as he neglected the employees of the Royal Oasis Hotel in their hour of need.

As Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham recently noted: “When the Royal Oasis Hotel closed following the terrible hurricane in 2005 they waffled for 3 years; had no idea of what to do. They waffled, waivered and wondered while more than 1500 employees lost their jobs and never got them back. Indeed, it would take the FNM to come to office to finish paying those Royal Oasis workers what the PLP promised them.”

When some workers at Our Lucaya lost their jobs during the current economic downturn the FNM acted immediately. The Ingraham administration mobilized government benefits, job counseling, personal and spiritual counseling and other assistance. The Government acted swiftly with job-referrals and placements in Grand Bahama and at Sandals in Exuma.

Opposition Leader Christie flew into Grand Bahama for a few hours and exploited the plight of these employees by holding a grandstanding press conference on how much his party cared for and would do for them. As usual, nothing happened. Worse, Mr. Christie flew right back out and never even met with the workers.

The Free National Movement has a record of accomplishments in Grand Bahama. The 1000-strong National Job Readiness & Training programme is providing Grand Bahamians with new skills, work and hope. Tomorrow, the Prime Minister will commission the upgraded Accident & Emergency Urgent Centre and the Operating Theatre & Day Surgical Unit at the Rand Memorial Hospital.

The FNM has a legacy of care, compassion and competence in Grand Bahama. The Opposition has a record of callous disregard, no compassion and sheer incompetence. Grand Bahamians trust Hubert Ingraham. They know that Perry Christie will promise everything and deliver nothing!

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