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Northern Bahamas Progressive Liberal Party press release on Old Bahama Bay layoffs
Saturday, 21 January 2012 08:00

The Progressive Liberal Party and its Member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama, is deeply saddened over the termination of an additional 29 Bahamian workers. This latest group is from the Old Bahama Bay Resort (OBB) in West End.

These 29 workers now sadly join the 70 workers laid off by Hutchinson Port Holdings in December of last year. The 29 workers are victims of an ailing and declining economy in Grand Bahama due in no small part to a visionless FNM Government.

There is also word that Hutchinson Whampoa has now asked the remaining employees at the Freeport International Airport, The Grand Lucayan Hotel and the Container Port to take pay cuts from 5 to 10 percent. We have also learnt that additional employees will be laid off.

The blame for this ongoing economic catastrophe must be placed solidly at the feet of Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and his FNM Government.

How can a Government with 3 Ministers from Grand Bahama, and the Bahamas Ambassador to the United States of America also a Grand Bahamian, willfully and woefully neglect this Island. This is disgraceful, shameful and a slap in the face to all Grand Bahamians, PLPs, FNMs and DNAs alike.

Tourism in Grand Bahama has rapidly declined, forcing several hotels to shut their doors, placing hundreds of Bahamians out of work. Air lift to Grand Bahama is at a minimum and unable to maintain or sustain the tourism sector.

An estimated 27 Grand Bahama Companies have been forced to close in the past 18 months alone sending thousands to the Government’s welfare lines and placing homes in foreclosure. This is the five year legacy of the FNM Government lead by one Mr. Hubert Alexander Ingrahm; High unemployment, joblessness, high electricity rates and welfare lines.

As the PLP prepares to take the reins of Government, Grand Bahama must and will be given top priority to be restored to sound economic footing through job creation and opportunities that put people back to work.

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