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West End student thanks Kohn Foundation for scholarship
Friday, 24 April 2009 09:11
Kohn Foundation Scholarship recipient Alexis NairnThe Kohn Foundation has been a very beneficial organization to the youth of the West End community who aspire to attend college some day. My name is Alexis Nairn and I'm a resident of West End, Grand Bahama, who has had the esteemed pleasure of benefiting from the scholarships that the Kohn Foundation has provided to individuals like me.

I currently hold an Associate of Science Degree in Hospitality Management and I graduated in December 2008 Summa Cum Laude (G.P.A. 3.86) with my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business Administration. After completing college I returned home to West End where I currently work as an Administrative Assistant for a Company called Austin Outdoors.

In the near future I plan on furthering my education by obtaining my MBA Degree. It is my personal belief that learning does not and should not stop after high school. Unfortunately for some young people it does. However, thanks to the Kohn Foundation, numerous young individuals that dreamt of furthering their education beyond high school have been given the opportunity to do so.

The Kohn Foundation has recognized the financially challenged and aspiring young individuals in the West End Community who are very determined to continue their education and have helped out in ways that have benefited not only the youth, but the community as well.

By educating the deserving young people in West End, the Kohn Foundation has built a legacy and a remarkable reputation that has given youth in the community hope for the future, especially during the hard economic times that challenge us all.

As a past recipient of the Kohn Scholarship, words can never express my gratitude to the Foundation for helping assist me with reaching my educational goals. There was a time I thought I would not be able to complete my degree due to those terrible hurricanes that damaged our community in West End and affected my parents and other recipient's parents both financially and emotionally.
As students away from home in college we began to feel the pinch. We were very blessed to have the Kohn Foundation step in and assist us during those hard economic times. It is because of this Foundation that me, and others like me, one day plan to contribute back to the Foundation to help others in the community reach their full educational potential.

This Foundation is a real asset to the Community of West End and I hope it remains in circulation for a very long time. I speak on behalf of all the past and present Kohn Foundation recipients when I say that the Kohn Foundation is one of the most beneficial programs tailored towards furthering the education and lives of the youth in the community and we hope that others growing up will be able to benefit from this remarkable program.

For all those who have assisted us financially, we thank you beyond anything you can possibly imagine. Please continue to keep up the good work because by helping us further our educational goals, you have helped to build a stronger, educated, and safer community. And for all those who are contemplating on contributing, we hope that you will be apart of this extraordinary Foundation; you won't regret it.

Once again on behalf of the recipients past and present, we extend our sincerest thanks. 

The primary mission of The Kohn Foundation (TKF) is to help improve quality of life for citizens of West End, Grand Bahama Island. TKF's initial work will focus on developing educational opportunities for West End students, assisting in expansion of local businesses, and fostering communication and friendship between West End citizens and residents of newer communities like Old Bahama Bay.  TKF will work with community representatives to develop local support, and residents will be informed of Foundation projects. Visit for more information.