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Concrete droppings
Thursday, 21 February 2008 14:31
On driving around our piece of the rock, I have noticed more and more these growing little piles of overspilled concrete at many intersections: Mall & Settlers Way, Churchill & Midshipman, Queens highway & Cedar Street (by AID)..... the list goes on. This is caused by the concrete trucks, being full to the brim, lurching forward and leaving their excrement behind. In some instances, try Churchill & Sunrise, this stretches right across the intersection and is beginning to resemble a mini speed bump. If you speak to the concrete companies, as I did, they say "How do you know it's us? We're not the only concrete company, you know?". This appears to be a recent response; under previous ownership the main company seemed almost proactive in cleaning up after their trucks. Also, under previous GBPA leadership, the companies seemed to be better policed over this problem. If left to continue unabated, these growing piles may cause damage to vehicles, accidents or worse. Not only that but it looks like $#!&..