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Would you like fries with that? Too bad!
Wednesday, 02 April 2008 12:24
I recently took my family to the Pub at Port Lucaya, or Pussers, as it is often called.

'Bangers and Mash' was listed on the menu and both of my children asked for it with fries. I checked to see that they served fries, which they did. Happily, I asked for 'Bangers with fries instead of mash, please!'.

I was told: No. This is not possible. This dish can only be served with mash.

Wow! I thought, for a moment, I was in a bad spoof movie or that someone would appear with a camera and the waiter would laugh and tell me he was playing a joke. Actually no, when he saw my amazement, he then proceeded to be 'overly-polite and hence surely with it' -- a special little variation on rude!

Having worked in many restaurants, of all standards in all countries, there is not a single reason why this request cannot happily and easily be accommodated.

Not only that, the restaurant smells horrible.

What a disgusting place. And there is absolutely no excuse, no matter what, for that low lack of respect for any customer.

Can you imagine if I had several millions to invest here? Can you imagine if we were poor and this was a special treat we had saved hard for? Can you imagine a tourist being treated like that?

We will not be going there again. And we won't take any of the dozen or more guests that stay with us each year. In fact, a conservative estimate of potentially lost revenue for the place over the next ten years would equal safely, $10,000 and hence $1,500 in tips.

- Disgusted -