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This food STINKS!
Friday, 04 April 2008 15:42

Dear Muddasick,

I whole heartedly agree with the writer who had more than a bad experience at Pussers Pub! Last year I took two important visitors to Pussers for dinner! One was a High Court Judge and the other was a distinguished very well-to-do business person from California. We all ordered our meals and they were eventually brought to the table.

As the meal was placed on the table I smelt a very high odour. I honestly thought that someone had walked into the Restaurant with dog stool on their shoes. It was that strong!!! The Judge laughed when I asked if she could smell what I smelt! She was actually holding her nose! What I thought was dog stool on some poor persons shoe was in fact the meat that came as the main course that had been served to us! It was very, very RANCID despite being cooked and smelt to high heaven! Whoever the Chef was should have been fired on the spot! The waitress must have been asleep or dead from the neck up. I immediately brought it to the attention of the waitress who, without apologizing herself, called the Manager! The Manager made a cursory apology and had it removed stating “Yes, it does smell a bit off!”. The understatement of the year! The smell would have peeled paint off a wall!

We were asked if we wanted to order something else… you can well imagine our unanimous response!

We left the restaurant and have never returned and we have warned many other visitors not to go to that restaurant. To add insult to injury, after experiencing the rancid meat being served to us we were charged for the three cocktails and one beer we had drank! They ate at my home for the rest of the week!

I do hope the Pussers owners read this and check their kitchens and the food that is in the cooler!

I suppose I should have gone to the Health Authority but decided to let it go! I wonder how often Health Officers visit Port Lucaya restaurants? By the look of some of the kitchens, I have seen there, not very often! They should be prosecuted! I shudder to think what else is pushed onto our visitors! No wonder tourism is going down! The only place I eat in Port Lucaya now is Zorbas; its clean, wholesome and efficiently run!

Signed, Bahamapapa