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The road in front of the Royal Oasis Hotel
Monday, 20 June 2011 10:58

The closure closing off the road in front of the Royal Oasis, is really killing the businesses in the International Bazaar.  The previous owners closed the road a few year back to put a giant pool in the middle of the road.  This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.  Ever since the road was closed Business in the International Bazaar went downhill.  Now the area is stuck with a giant pool that houses thousands of mosquitos, and rodents.  Tourist are unable to see the International Bazaar because they have to take a detour, and people driving in from the western end of the island now take a different route, so it is too out of their way to stop in and patronize the businesses.  

If the Government of the Bahamas cares about the people, and the economy in Freeport they should encourage the current owners to open up the roads, and if they are unable to because of financial reasons,  then the money the government spends in Nassau every other day digging up the roads and fixing it back should be spent in Freeport to replace this one road that they will not have to fix again.  After all it is Freeport people who are always so eager to vote for the current government.  Or do they not have any control over any decision making in Freeport?  

In fact that is an excellent question.  Who is the government in Freeport?  Is it the Political Parties, or the Grand Bahama Port Authority?  Because if the Political Parties have no control over Freeport people then Freeport people should not waste time voting for PLP, or FNM, if our government is the GBPA.

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