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Dennis Dames responds to Punch article 'Marco Kidnapped Near House of Suspect's Gay Pal'
Monday, 03 October 2011 14:47

Greetings Editor:

I find it absolutely compelling to respond to a Punch article today – Monday October 03, 2011 - entitled: Marco Kidnapped Near House Of Suspect’s Gay Pal.

The article named my brother, Marvin Dames; former police deputy chief as a cousin of the suspect involved in the murder of young Marco Archer.

It’s an absolute lie which reflects The Punch’s criminal attitude and behavior towards ordinary citizens just to sell a few papers. The Punch is no different than any other thug on our streets; as the old saying goes: A liar is a thief and a thief is a murderer.

In this hostile criminal environment in The Bahamas where citizens are not thinking straight and people are on the edge, The Punch and others are fueling the fire with lies and pure character assassination that hurt families and individuals to the core.

With the naming of Marvin Dames in your story Mr. Punch man, you have insulted and libel the entire Dames family.

Marco Archer’s murder is a serious matter, and the like of The Punch are treating it as an opportunity to make money and get attention; even if it means hurting and defaming others.

I cry shame on The Punch and its punkish editor for being totally careless and vicious.

Yours Etc,

Dennis Arthur Dames

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