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Humane Society of GB Update
Humane Society continues fundraising with Flea Market at Spring in the Garden this Saturday
Submitted by Tip Burrows / Humane Society of Grand Bahama   
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 10:10

Caraline Holding, far right, overseeing admissions at our recent Mission: Potcake spay/neuter clinic.Awesome flea market on Saturday to benefit the HSGB at Spring in the Garden (Garden of the Groves)!  Don't miss some amazing bargains!  From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you can't attend on Saturday, please know that our animals are in need every single day. 

We very much appreciate anyone who can give donations, whether monetary, or items for selling (even for the Elite Garage sale if they’re leaving the island or don't have time to sell something  themselves), attend fundraisers – lunches, dog show, dog & car wash, flea markets, annual evening bash, etc.  

Basket full of puppies surrendered during the clinic.Caraline Holding can be contacted about any items you are willing to donate for sale to benefit our animals.  Please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will put you in touch with her.  

The HSGB receives no government funding, and very little local corporate funding.  Despite providing a service which benefits all Grand Bahama residents.

We desperately need more of our community to support our work!

Please check us out at the Garden of the Groves on Saturday - we  have lots of books and lots of children’s toys and cuddly things and household items ... don't miss this amazing event!

Stories from the heart after Mission: Potcake
Submitted by Tip Burrows / Humane Society of Grand Bahama   
Wednesday, 02 April 2014 12:43

There were so many individual stories involving both people and animals during Mission: Potcake ... some happy, some sad, and some just downright heartwarming.  We asked some of our local volunteers if they would be inclined to write a few paragraphs about any part of their experience, in order to share a different perspective.

Below are two such stories, both written by HSGB Board Member Michelle Lovatt.

Andrew (in Mission Potcake shirt).Andrew and Tracey

Andrew showed up the first day of the clinic.  I did not know him nor did I know that he had brought his dog Tracey and his calico cat to be fixed.  It was the first day of the clinic so things were new to everyone and it was my job to run the board and see that no unauthorized people entered the surgical area.

The cats were being placed by the entrance and there was a young man that kept talking to a cat. I asked him what he was doing there and he told me that was his cat that he was talking to and that he had also brought his dog Tracey to be fixed.  

I told him he could stay as long as he didn’t get in the way and I asked him where his dog was and he showed her to me.  

Tracey was a beautiful black dog, she was stunning.  It was clear to me that he took care of her.  Their surgeries went fine and both were able to go home later in the afternoon.  

Mission: Potcake a tremendous success
Written by Tip Burrows / Humane Society of Grand Bahama   
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 07:11

Mission: Potcake began Tuesday morning (March 18th) with high winds and blowing rain causing some delays, but the rest of the week we were blessed with beautiful weather.  Once we got rolling, we really rolled!

260 dogs and cats were fixed in the five day clinic. Working in the "out areas" is always a challenge as there is usually a high number of difficult, lengthier surgeries due to many compromised animals, and this week was no exception. Many dogs and cats were malnourished, and plagued with parasites; for most this was the first time (and likely to be the last) they have ever seen a vet.

An astonishing 60% of the female adult dogs and cats that we fixed were in early stages of pregnancy; thus at least several hundred more unwanted puppies and kittens were prevented from being born in the coming months.

We were overwhelmed by the incredible support given by the West Grand Bahama District Council. They didn't simply provide a room in a building. They provided incredible physical and moral support as well, and their enthusiasm and dedication were absolutely vital to the success of this clinic. The council members and staff went above and beyond each and every day for this project.

There is still much work to be done in West Grand Bahama (indeed, all of Grand Bahama) but we are very encouraged with what was accomplished last week. We are confident that, going forward and with adequate support; we are on the right track to accomplish our ultimate goal of alleviating pet overpopulation and animal suffering on this island.

Mission: Potcake underway in Eight Mile Rock
Submitted by Tip Burrows / Humane Society of Grand Bahama   
Thursday, 20 March 2014 06:35

Thanks to our partners The Kohn Foundation and the West Grand Bahama District Council, and of course to everyone who donated to make this project possible - Mission: Potcake got underway this week in Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama.

Our visiting and local volunteers, and staff, are nothing short of amazing. The clinic began Tuesday morning with what felt like a gale force storm which lasted til late morning and slowed things down given that we couldn't put the tent up or pick up many animals til the wind and driving rain abated.

We had to regroup a bit but our intrepid volunteers were up for the challenge. Still, on Tuesday 39 animals were brought in for spay/neuter, plus a few more that were relinquished and taken to the shelter, and a couple who needed more care than we could manage at the clinic site, who also went to the shelter for Intensive Care.

On Wednesday, 64 animals were brought in and this awesome team worked until well after dark.  Many dogs and a few cats had compromising issues which cause surgeries to take longer.

We have been blessed by the number of teachers at Martin Town Primary School (which is right across the street from the clinic site) who have brought their classes over for a tour of the clinic.  Education is a vital part of our efforts, and it is very encouraging that the children - and their teachers - have been so interested and receptive.  We must note that these have been some exceedingly well behaved children - a real credit to their teachers and parents!

'Mission: Potcake' to get underway March 18
Submitted by Tip Burrows / Humane Society of Grand Bahama   
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 09:03

The Humane Society of Grand Bahama (HSGB) is partnering with the West Grand Bahama District Council, and The Kohn Foundation, to hold a spay/neuter field clinic in Eight Mile Rock March 18-22, 2014.

Over 25% of HSGB's annual intake of 1,400-plus animals come from West Grand Bahama; an area difficult for HSGB to serve on a daily basis due to budgetary constraints. 

Many West Grand Bahama residents are unable to afford or access veterinary care for their pets; as a result there are a large number of unwanted dogs and cats with more being born almost daily.

The clinic will be held in one of the local government buildings in Eight Mile Rock (across from the police station) and will be a M.A.S.H. type field clinic. 

Sun shines on super-successful 29th Annual HSGB Dog Show
Submitted by Tip Burrows / Humane Society of Grand Bahama   
Wednesday, 05 March 2014 08:47

Almost 400 people and 78 dogs came out for the 29th Annual HSGB Dog Show last Saturday.  Mother Nature blessed us with a beautiful warm, sunny day and a good time was had by all.  The wonderful turnout ensured the event was also a financial success for the shelter animals who depend so on community support for their care and well being.

There were giant dogs and tiny dogs, medium size dogs, senior dogs and adorable puppies. There were pedigreed dogs and almost pedigreed and everything in between.  So many beautiful and varied dogs; a real challenge for our guest judge Andrea, who we are most grateful to for taking the time to help us with this fun event.

HSGB Board member Michelle Lovatt gets special thanks for all her help shopping prior to the event and then serving as ring steward (i.e. judge's assistant) on the day.

Corey Damianos and his beautiful German Shepherd Dog "Max" took the top honors, winning the Herding Group and then going on to win Best in Show. This is the second year in a row one of Corey's dogs won the top prize!  For a complete list of group winners, click HERE.

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