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Humane Society of GB Update
Highs and lows - more highs needed for our animals!
Written by Tip Burrows / Humane Society of Grand Bahama   
Wednesday, 06 November 2013 11:58

Life in the animal welfare world of the HSGB has been pretty tough lately.  We have had some encouragement this last month which gives us hope but still need much more support.

Last Thursday, the Rotary Club of Freeport awarded the HSGB $3000 from their amazing Wine & Cheese event held on October 5th.  We are so very grateful for this amazing donation and especially look forward to the promised collaboration which is meant to provide many volunteer hours to the many needs of our shelter, both on and off-site.

On Halloween night, the jointly held Halloween event between the GB Sailing Club and HSGB was well attended despite the early rain.  Final figures have not been tabulated yet but the HSGB and the GBSC are very grateful for all who attended to make the event successful.

Red Beard's Pub held its annual Halloween Bash on Saturday night, which was their best attended ever!  Brian and Debbie Botham of Red Beard's had decided that this year, the HSGB would be the beneficiary of the cover charges.  Several HSGB staff came out to support and man the door and over $2000 was raised for the needy animals of Grand Bahama!

Back in February, we wrote an article about some challenges we were facing: HERE.

Pawzapalooza All White Cocktail Party and Auction!
Submitted by Tip Burrows / Humane Society of Grand Bahama   
Wednesday, 30 October 2013 17:30

(Photo courtesy of: Keen i Media Ltd) The magical garden behind the white wall on Albacore Drive in Freeport was the setting for a successful event for the Humane Society of Grand Bahama Saturday night.  Fairy lights and fountains added to the ambiance and the smooth sounds of "Freeport Jazz" and later on, "Two Left Feet", as guests enjoyed signature white drinks and delicious food.

The all white theme lent elegance to the evening - congratulations to Karen Clarke whose elegant ensemble won her the Best Dressed prize.

The silent auction featured a unique array of items from artwork to jewelry to home decor to fabulous trips, and the auction area at the top of the garden was a busy place indeed until the auction was called.

(Photo courtesy of: Keen i Media Ltd) The HSGB is very grateful to hosts Achsah Venter and Anthony Welch, who truly spared no effort to make the evening as successful as possible.  Many others also contributed to the event. 

Redbeard's Pub provided the bar, and among those who contributed to the food preparation were Judy Rose, Julie Ryan of the Garden Cafe, Susan Jensen Sweeting, and Barbara and Jane Stollery. 

Other sponsors and contributors were Barefoot Marketing, BahamaIslandsInfo, Purina, GBS Bahamas and Keen i Media.

(Photo courtesy of: Keen i Media Ltd) Silent auction donors were Beth and Scott Albury, Old Bahama Bay, American Airlines, Sky Bahamas, Greg Farrington, Alisa Robinson, Dale Bethel, Lou Lihou, Kay Hardy, Ashley Murphy, Caraline and Mick Holding, Dirtbags & Co, Shanin Weber Hughes, Grand Bahama Nature Tours, Ol' Freetown Farm, Erik Mosvold, Paint Fair, Take the Cake Bakery, Red Beard's Pub, Dolly Madison, Furniture Plus, The Art of Giving, Mary Goldie, The Parker Family, Lisa Pakosh, and Tiffany Hynes.



Wanted: Special families for special pets
Written by Tip Burrows / Humane Society of Grand Bahama   
Wednesday, 23 October 2013 07:55

Rosie and LenaIt just doesn't get any better than this.  Perfectly healthy, happy, socialized and pretty much housetrained puppies and kittens ready to move right in with their forever families!

Thanks to two amazing foster families we are proud to feature Rosie, Walter, Lena, Felix and Peaches this week.

We have very few people willing to foster puppies and kittens; when we find good fosters we really hope they keep fostering when needed (when they can, of course), and one concern is always finding great homes for the little orphans they take in to nurture; as simply returning them to the shelter to languish is just not an option for loving foster parents.  

LenaWe have a perfect record so far but lately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have not been able to get many pups off the island.  We are still looking into offshore rescue outlets for these three pups, but in the meantime we thought it only fair to share these spectacular babies with Grand Bahama in case the perfect home for any of them is right here in our own backyard.

Michelle Lovatt and hubby Dennis have been fostering Rosie, Walter and Lena for ten weeks now. 

Thanks to their loving care, these puppies are simply gorgeous; and they are also healthy, well socialized, well behaved, and crate trained.  They have grown up with a cat and adult dogs and do well with both.

Lisa and Jarrod Pakosh and family have been fostering little Felix (white and grey) and Peaches (orange and white) - since they were only nine days old. 

Humane Society of Grand Bahama participates in Florida conference
Wednesday, 16 October 2013 12:48

By Tip Burrows

Hail before heading to Ft. Lauderdale.Last week I had the privilege of attending the Best Friends Animal Society's No More Homeless Pets Conference in Jacksonville, Florida.  

On the first leg of my journey, thanks to rescue friends in Ft. Lauderdale for facilitating the adoption process, I had a traveling companion named Hail, who I delivered to his forever family the same night.  Hail (now Kirby) ended up in one of our traps last May, and no one ever came looking for him.

This lucky little Golden-ish potcake was a real trooper on the fast ferry ride to Florida.  His new family love him to bits already and I'll be visiting them this week.  

The four day conference was both inspiring and informative.  I attended a total of eleven general and workshop sessions.  

The hardest part was deciding which sessions to attend, as at any given time there were up to eight to choose from on topics as diverse as adoptions, animal behavior, fundraising, marketing, advocacy, spay/neuter, shelter medicine and technology.  Our good friend and south Florida volunteer Heike Dose, made that a bit easier with her arrival on Thursday evening, as she and I decided to attend different sessions to maximize our experience and learning.  

You can read a little more about the conference HERE.

Something so simple brings so much fun at the Humane Society of Grand Bahama
Written by Tip Burrows / Humane Society of Grand Bahama   
Wednesday, 02 October 2013 11:51

Drexel otherwise known as Ears - snuggling with HSGB supervisor Ana Carroll.Another week, another mix of happy and sad stories at the Humane Society of Grand Bahama shelter.  

One highlight has to be featured prominently due to the sheer joy and pleasure it brought to so many shelter dogs.  

Acquiring more pea rock to fill in the courtyard was a real necessity as the summer's heavy rains caused a lot of erosion, which in turn caused heavy flooding in the courtyard.  Bahama Rock agreed to donate one truckload and we were so happy.  We were even happier when that one truck load turned into two on Tuesday!

We are so grateful to Bahama Rock, and to Waugh Construction for hauling services.

HSGB Board member Nancie Pollard with her foster dog Lyric, in their matching rain slickers last week.What we did not anticipate, however, was the sheer joy those mounds of pea rock would engender in so many of our shelter dogs.  

We're pretty sure standard "shelter enrichment programs" do not include mounds of pea rock, but after Tuesday, we think maybe they should.

Our dogs had so much fun playing and digging!  

We were all laughing and smiling and it gave us the best feeling ever, to know that something so simple could give them so much fun. 

Sometimes we really need that, and obviously, so do they.

This simple little video does not begin to adequately show how much fun they had all day, but hopefully conveys a small portion of it:

Save the dates for some fun events to benefit the Humane Society of Grand Bahama
Submitted by Tip Burrows / Humane Society of Grand Bahama   
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 11:03

Summer is over (although the heat does not make that fact evident here) and the fall social season is upon us!  Our regular followers will know that the HSGB has faced some extraordinary challenges in the last nine months, which resulted in some serious financial short falls.

Our amazing fundraising committee, along with some other kind souls, including some of our own staff, have been very busy behind the scenes coming up with some amazing, fun and even practical events for this fall. We believe we have come up with something for everyone - and our animals sure need the help.

We are so pleased to offer a cornucopia of events for Grand Bahama.  We realize that not all our supporters will be able to attend every single event and not all the events will be enticing to everyone but we hope that at least one or two events will be irresistible to everyone!  Click on the title of the event to view the poster or see below.

Without further ado; in chronological order:

Saturday, October 5th:  Wine & Cheese Tasting sponsored by the Rotary Club of Freeport with part proceeds to the HSGB!  This is the first time any local Rotary Club has chosen the HSGB as a service project, and we are just thrilled.  Our understanding is that this is just the beginning and that the Club members will also be assisting us with their time and skills for needed specific projects and repairs throughout the next year.  This event promises to be an exceptionally fun evening and we hope all our supporters will come out, not only to support HSGB, but to support the amazing work Rotary does in our community on an ongoing basis.  The HSGB is so pleased that this club does recognize that our community's animals need a hand, too.

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