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Humane Society of GB Update
Humane Society of Grand Bahama in danger of closing due to lack of support
Submitted by Tip Burrows, Executive Director, HSGB   
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 14:36

By Tip Burrows/Executive Director of the HSGB at a press conference January 28, 2015

Humane Society of Grand Bahama in danger of closing due to lack of support.  Management and staff held a press conference at the shelter on January 28, 2015.The Humane Society of Grand Bahama (HSGB) is one of the oldest non profit organizations on this island, founded in 1968.  As the human population of Grand Bahama has grown, we have also grown, from a small charity that helped a few animals in need, to the largest animal shelter in the Bahamas.  Last year we took in almost 1,500 unwanted, abandoned, abused or neglected animals from the Grand Bahama community.  

We have done our best to alleviate animal suffering, nuisance animals, stray and roaming animals on this island and we are proud of what we have accomplished.  At just the time we should be working even harder to achieve a lasting difference, we find ourselves in the untenable situation of being unable to continue operating.  This would ultimately mean an increase in the number of starving, neglected dogs and cats roaming the island, which would not be pleasant for residents, visitors, or potential investors.  

The Grand Bahama Port Authority funds us to a certain extent in exchange for us providing animal control services within the bonded area of Freeport.  Over the last several years they have reduced their contributions for our services to the point where we can no longer provide the same level of service.  The Bahamas Government has never provided one penny towards the work we do and they provide no animal services on Grand Bahama.  In most developed nations, animal control is considered a responsibility of government.  

We cannot pay all our bills.  We cannot pay our staff.  Since the first of the year we have laid off three staff, and more layoffs are imminent.  We must drastically reduce the number of animals we care for.

In Loving Memory of Sir Jack Hayward, O.B.E.
Submitted by Tip Burrows, Executive Director, HSGB   
Wednesday, 14 January 2015 18:10

Sir Jack Hayward O.B.E. (file photo)Sir Jack Hayward did so much for this country. He came here as a young man and carried on his father's work and he did so with enthusiasm and diligence.  He loved Freeport so much that he made it his home base, and he devoted his life to the betterment of Freeport, and indeed, the entire island of Grand Bahama.

He had an amazing life, filled with adventure and lived with gusto.  He was also a great patriot, an astute businessman, and a generous philanthropist. He was an incredible raconteur and could hold any audience, large or small, spellbound with his stories.  During meetings, he had a knack for putting everyone at ease immediately with his charm, but he would also never lose sight of the main point and never hesitated to express his views or give his thoughtful advice.  

One could not help but enjoy and appreciate his sharp intelligence and common sense, his humour, and his overall zest for life, all of which he retained until his very last days; just as he would have wanted it.  

HSGB President Joseph Darville says, "Even though Sir Jack is gone, we pray his legacy lives on.  Up until his last days, he shared his hopes with us for the return of the Magic City in all it glory, opportunities and beauty. We know that from the lofty abode in which he now finds total joy and full completion, he will still look down on this city with its enormous potentials, awaiting the day of its glorious resurrection."

The list of organizations and indeed, even individuals, that he chose to support or assist is too long to list here.  Actually no such list may ever be complete as Sir Jack always worried that if his name were attached too prominently to any cause, it would prevent others from contributing.  He wanted the entire business community and individuals too, to do their part philanthropically.  

Celebrate 2015 at the Humane Society of Grand Bahama's President's Cocktail Party
Submitted by Tip Burrows, Executive Director, HSGB   
Wednesday, 07 January 2015 11:57

Happy New Year!

The Humane Society of Grand Bahama is ringing in 2015 with our President's Cocktail Party, this Saturday, January 10, 2015 with the help of wonderful sponsors Red Beard's Pub and Sands Brewery.  Enjoy drinks and appetizers while listening to the smooth sounds of Ryan Carroll.  And perhaps - renew your membership, or sign up to become a member of the HSGB while there!

Current (2014) members will receive two free drinks as our thanks for their support.  We are asking non members for a $10 donation which will include two drinks and as a bonus, if you sign up for a membership on the night we will deduct the $10 from your membership dues.

You may ask - why become a member of the HSGB?  Our members receive a 10% discount on services and pet supplies, and also get first notice of upcoming events. Starting this year, we will be offering members discounted tickets for all our events.  We also have some pretty cool keychains to give our members.  If all that isn't enough, how about the satisfaction of knowing you have helped the 1400+ animals that our shelter takes in every year, and helped us to continue providing a vital community service as well.

The pet overpopulation problem on Grand Bahama affects us all and only with the help of the entire community can we continue to make a difference.  Memberships start as low as $30 - you just can't beat that - what a small price to pay for helping homeless animals!

In other news, we held the drawing Tuesday for our Holiday Adoptions Raffle Baskets!  We had a record number of dog and cat adoptions in December and are so grateful to those residents who chose life saving adoption.  We are pleased to announce that Annisa Smith has won the Cat Basket, and Rickia Walters the Dog Basket.  We hope to publish photos of the lucky winners next week with the adopted pets and baskets of goodies.

A Christmas cat miracle
Submitted by Tip Burrows, Executive Director, HSGB   
Thursday, 25 December 2014 08:04

Many of you may have seen our holiday video in the past week. Turns out some of you have seen it more than once; in our desire to make sure all our supporters and friends saw it, we inadvertently emailed it to some people twice.  Sometimes mistakes can turn into twists of fate that simply cannot be explained. 

Paula Farrington of Freeport is one of the people who received the video email more than once.  She wrote to us Christmas Eve morning: "Thank you for this wonderful video card. In the video is a picture of a cat that I've been looking for:​​  

Screen shot of the cat we named Cow, from our holiday video

"About a year and a half ago this cat strolled confidently up my driveway and adopted us.  He showed up outside my door every morning and evening for breakfast and dinner used to nap on top of my Jeep:  And then one day a few months ago he just disappeared.

Seasons greetings from the Humane Society of Grand Bahama [video]
Thursday, 18 December 2014 08:01

From Tip Burrows, Executive Director, HSGB

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New year from the Humane Society of Grand Bahama.  Wishing everyone on Grand Bahama and far beyond, the joys of the season, and health and happiness in the coming year.

Please remember our homeless animals who need us every day of the year.  Without support we cannot continue to help them.  With the advent of new taxes in 2015, we are very unsure what the future holds for us and the animals who need us.  We are already struggling to keep our doors open.

We are so grateful for our faithful supporters both here and abroad, and hope 2015 will bring more new friends to our door, and our cause!

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I would especially like to recognize our staff - all of whom appear in this video at least once.  They work hard 365 days a year - we cannot close on Sundays or holidays, because the animals still must be fed, cleaned and cared for.  The young - and not so young - people who come to us looking for jobs give us hope for the future.  Not everyone is cut out to do this job, but those who hang in there and embrace the concept of compassion and caring for God's creatures who can't care for themselves, are special indeed and deserve the community's appreciation for doing what is too often, a thankless job.

Will these dogs and cats get to go home for the holidays?
Written by Tip Burrows / Humane Society of Grand Bahama   
Wednesday, 10 December 2014 09:15


Our amazing dogs and cats really deserve a chance to go home for the holidays. Everyone who adopts a pet between Dec. 1, 2014 and Jan. 3, 2015 will be entered into a drawing to win a fabulous gift basket.

One for dog adopters and one for cat adopters. These baskets contain carefully chosen items for your new family member including designer dishes, toys, blankets, a three month supply of Vetri-Science flea/tick preventative, car magnets, collars, vouchers for a free bath, veterinary exam and nail clip, and a microchip discounted price of only $15, among other useful and fun items. Both baskets have a value of approximately $150!

The drawing will be held on Monday, January 5th.

If you have been thinking about adding a furry four legged friend to your family, please consider adopting and come meet our wonderful dogs and cats. With over 150 dogs and puppies, and 75 cats and kittens to choose from, our adoption counselors can surely match you up with the perfect pet for your family.

Our dogs and cats are fully vetted and up to date with vaccines, dewormer, flea/tick and heartworm preventative. ALL our adoptions include a 30 day health guarantee including a free exam within that 30 days. (If you're thinking about buying a puppy from a breeder please ask the seller if they are going to include all those things!)

Normal adoption fees apply - $75 for dogs, $50 for cats and $0 for senior citizens - and our normal requirements also apply. We prefer our cats to be inside cats, or at least inside at night. We prefer our dogs to be both inside and out, but for outside dogs a secure fence and appropriate comfortable shade and shelter is a must. Tethering/chaining or caging dogs - sorry but no.

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