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Humane Society of GB Update
Humane Society of Grand Bahama: Our week in review
Submitted by Tip Burrows, Executive Director, HSGB   
Wednesday, 01 July 2015 09:43

What a busy week! Thanks to our amazing MBA student volunteers from Colorado, we launched our new pet supplies shop, and numerous other initiatives are in the works as well.

We are very pleased to announce the addition of some unique and special artwork to our shop - hand painted one of a kind conch shells by Grand Bahama's own Nikki Kelly. We so appreciate Nikki's support. For every shell sold through our shop, our shelter animals receive a wonderful commission.

We also, as usual, rescued a number of animals.

"Fergie" (our name not the dog's real name) was found wandering on Coral Road last week. She has some serious eye issues. Her owner has come forward and we are working with her, hoping she is serious about treating this sweet little dog's medical problems. She has had several litters of puppies and the owner is willing to get her spayed, finally, which is great, but the eyes are a real worry.

We would just remind everyone that dogs are meant to be pets and companions, not businesses. Too many people acquire these toy breeds (and larger dogs, too!) for the wrong reasons, and often times serious medical concerns are ignored as long as the dog can produce puppies.

Tiny Mighty Mouse was found Tuesday morning wandering around the huge tank farm at Borco. Nobody knows how he got there, but he had to be de-oiled with Dawn dishwashing detergent, and hopefully will make a full recovery from his encounter with petroleum products, thanks to his quick rescue.

He is very scared but also very willing to give us scary humans a chance. He would really benefit from a loving foster home for at least a couple of weeks if anyone is able.

Big thanks to Borco staffer (and HSGB supporter) Letitia Parker for rescuing him and bringing him to us! (Before and after de-oiling photos).

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Retail space at the Humane Society boosts local economy
Submitted by Tip Burrows, Executive Director, HSGB   
Wednesday, 24 June 2015 09:28

... and a great puppy rescue by visitors to Grand Bahama

When President of the Humane Society of Grand Bahama Board Brian Botham stopped by the facility last week he was astonished at the re-model of the retail area. “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” said Brian. “The colours made the space pop with brightness and the layout was inviting with a variety of diverse products.”

The Humane Society of Grand Bahama is debuting a new retail space now open to the public.

“Before, I would just come to drop my dog off for baths or shots, now I can buy food, medicine, toys, treats and everything else I need in one location - it’s fantastic,” said another customer, a proud owner of an adopted HSGB dog.

The response to the new pet supply offerings has been overwhelming and will help the Humane Society to increase their efforts of controlling animal overpopulation and keeping Freeport a beautiful city that tourists will continue to want to visit.

With the help of four Master of Business Administration students from Colorado State University, the Humane Society of Grand Bahama is getting an overhaul.

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Volunteer MBA students assist with transformation at the Humane Society of Grand Bahama
Submitted by Tip Burrows, Executive Director, HSGB   
Wednesday, 17 June 2015 14:26

Kellys' staff putting together the donated shelving.Months of correspondence and conference calls have resulted in an amazing blessing for our shelter. In late January, Julia Hebard, a Colorado State graduate student, reached out to us with a unique proposal. (Julia knew of us from volunteering with one of our Colorado rescue partners, and one of her best friends adopted one of our potcakes last year.)

Fast forward to today. Julia, along with Carmelo Mannino, Long Tran, and Eric Alm; are here in Freeport, until the end of July, on a voluntary basis. They are helping us build a more sustainable business model, including streamlining shelter operations to be more efficient, improving community outreach, and increasing shelter revenues. They are also conducting an economic analysis of the HSGB's impact on the local economy. They are all MBA students at CSU's business school with an emphasis in Global, Social and Sustainable Enterprises.

They have made an amazing start already. Our front lobby retail space is being transformed thanks to their efforts. Thanks to Kellys Freeport for the donation of shelving on Wednesday, and for even setting it up for us! The shelter is being cleaned up and cleaned out of all the junk that has accumulated over the years. Stay tuned! We welcome any and all visitors and volunteers to come by and lend a hand or just see all the good stuff going on.

From L to R - Carmelo Mannino, Eric Alm, Julia Hebard, and Long Tran in our revitalized retail spaceFurther to our story last week about our need for a van, we are very pleased to announce that a kind anonymous donor made a substantial donation which will allow us to buy something suitable for our needs. Heartfelt gratitude to this amazing person for their generosity!

Photo 1: Kellys' staff putting together the donated shelving.

Photo 2: From L to R - Carmelo Mannino, Eric Alm, Julia Hebard, and Long Tran in our revitalized retail space.


The Humane Society needs new van and Grand Bahama's first Pet Expo
Submitted by Tip Burrows   
Wednesday, 10 June 2015 10:15
We need a new (used) van.The Humane Society of Grand Bahama is in crisis mode. Our 2005 Chevy Cargo van which is our workhorse and our main means of picking up animals needs a new transmission. It would cost us more than $2000 to replace. For a vehicle with 224,000 miles on it which has also had myriad other problems, costing us well over a thousand dollars in the last year, this just doesn't make sense. We need a new (used) van. The cost in Florida for something decent would probably be between $6K and $10K, plus shipping and customs fees of approx $1500. We can bring it in bonded, therefore no customs duty at least. We will look locally but usually over here by the time someone is getting rid of a van it already has a ton of miles and problems.

The bottom line is we don't have the funds to replace this van, not even a dollar of it, but without it we are completely hamstrung and reliant on a 1996 2-door Ford Explorer that cannot hold many animals and we need that vehicle to last us a good while longer, so we can't work it to death either. And a recent amazing donation of a small Mazda 2005 truck (thank you Marshall Gobuty!) which is a real Godsend, and certainly will help, but was meant to be a supplemental extra vehicle, not our main one. It also won't hold many animals and it's not very safe to transport animals in this heat in the back of a pick up. But we only have one field staff person so even with two vehicles we do not have sufficient staff for both those vehicles to be out picking up animals. Nor sufficient funding to pay for additional staff.

We are hoping for one or a few guardian angels that could help us get a new van. We need our regular amazing loyal supporters to keep supporting our other needs, including helping us chip away at our existing debt which was reduced by about 40% thanks to the initial outpouring of support earlier this year, but still not eradicated which means we still do not have sufficient income to operate on a daily basis.

For everyone calling us with animal complaints, we beg for your patience and understanding. We may not respond to calls as quickly as we would like, and we will be prioritizing calls in order of importance (i.e. emergencies etc).

We would be most grateful if all our friends and supporters would share our plight!

Grand Bahama's very first Pet Expo this Friday, June 5
Submitted by Tip Burrows, Executive Director, HSGB   
Wednesday, 03 June 2015 07:59

Grand Bahama's very FIRST PET EXPO​ will take place this Friday, June 5th, 2015 at Goombay Park (behind the International Bazaar)​. ​The brainchild of young entrepreneur Alexandrea Beckles, owner of Simple Favors, this event will have something for every pet lover on Grand Bahama!

Alex's inspiration for this is born of a desire to give local pet-oriented vendors more exposure to help both current pet parents and future ones become more knowledgeable and responsible and caring. She wants to inspire local vendors to encourage and educate current and future pet parents, and to encourage people to patronize local vendors.

Also to promote local resources for pet parents to be kept up to date with good practices, nutrition and much more. She hopes local vendors can become consistent with the products they provide so that people who are satisfied with a particular product can continue to find it locally on a regular basis.

Alex, and her company, Simple Favors, deserve kudos for this initiative, and consideration for all the great services they provide for busy Grand Bahamians, to help simplify our lives!

Posh Paws Fashion Show a 'pawsome' success for the Humane Society of Grand Bahama
Submitted by Tip Burrows, Executive Director, HSGB   
Wednesday, 27 May 2015 09:42

The weather, the setting, the music, the models, the food, the drink, the fashions, and of course the guests! All came together perfectly for a beautiful, fun event last Saturday, May 25th at Count Basie Square in the Port Lucaya Marketplace.

195 guests, including residents and visitors alike, enjoyed the beverages provided by our sponsors at Sands Brewery, Bristol Wines & Spirits, ENTwineD, Caribbean Bottling Co., and Crown Ice. A delicious variety of appetizers were provided by supporting Port Lucaya restaurants Molly Malone's, Le Med, Cafe Breezes, La Parilla, Zorba's, After Deck, Cappucino's, the Dive-In Bar and Pisces.

The gorgeous (and handsome) models showed off apparel from Bandolera, Animale, and UNEXSO, in addition to some donated designer clothing that was on sale by the HSGB.

Not to be left out were our show-stealing doggy models; potcakes Roy and Roxanne, HSGB alumni; and Tyson, the adorable Dachshund.

A popular and successful Chinese raffle and door prizes, included prizes donated by Columbian Emeralds, Purina, artist Bob Tarzwell, Eden Wellness Spa, Molly Malone's, and Grand Bahama: No Bite Zone. (See here for more info on this new initiative:

Johnny Mathieson set the mood early on with his melodic renditions of some old classics. DJ Luchan took us into and through the fashion show with his usual aplomb and style and to cap off the night, Grand Bahama's own fabulous K.B. performed two songs that had everyone clapping, tapping their feet, and singing along, including a brand new song written just for HSGB called "A Potcake's Howl", co-written with HSGB Board Member Jill Cooper. 

The HSGB especially thanks Mr. Peter Hunt for Port Lucaya Marketplace's wonderful sponsorship of this event, and Mrs. Karen Ferguson-Bain for her tremendous assistance and collaboration.

We'd also like to thank these sponsors for their various important assistance and ongoing support: Barefoot Marketing, BahamaIslandsInfo, Purina, Love97 Radio, Bahama Buy & Sell, Crown Ice, Bahamas Weekly, C&L Signs, and Nesbitt Rentals.

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