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Re: Farming in North Abaco
Tuesday, 04 March 2008 12:22
Dear Editor,

Your article on farming in North Abaco was not only refreshing but heart warming. Down to earth, good, decent, hard working Bahamians making an honest living from the earth with pride.

My biggest hope would be for these good people to make a better living than the rude hotel or restaurant worker, the nose-in-the-air self-centered politicians, the drug dealers and other criminals, and the racist Bahamians who are all contributing to making the Bahamas a "not-so-nice" place to be. It is so unfortunate. How prosperous the Bahamas would be and how wonderful it would be if Bahamians had the same persona as they did 55 years ago when I lived there.

On my last visit to Grand Bahama I was so saddened and heartbroken not to experience the warm, wonderful, peaceful, non-racist Bahamians of the past. Please, someone bring those great people back to the forefront instead of the present ones who are United States getto copy cats.

Warmly and Sincerely,
Don Britton
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